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Taylor Williams and Photography

Taylor profileMy opinion is that there is an inherent humility involved in photography. The camera enables me to freeze a fleeting moment—a slice of time I think is worth holding onto or a perspective I find inspiring—but it is a moment which I do not own. I am merely capturing a single passing view of creation. I may (or may not) have some part in arranging the image, but I did not single-handedly create the beauty. Thus, my work is an effort to help myself and those around me recognize the balance, beauty, and transcendence constantly surrounding us—from the gracefulness of the smallest cell, to a stunning sunset over towering mountains, to the precious life of a fragile newborn. And if others can find inspiration in a photograph of mine, its value only increases. I hope that you find some joy here.

I live in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex and work as a photographer and biomedical engineer. If you would like to own some of my work, or think I can help you grab hold of a few special moments, please email or call.

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